Friday, June 02, 2006

Driving ourselves blind

Time, Bergsen looked at the concept, oh millions of hours ago. We like atomic particles seem to be accelerating at a speed that is leading to disintegration. Our collective expectations for ourselves, for others that we be all, do all, learn all, adapt to all and somehow still connect to ourselves is insane. People drive with their eyes rolled back in their heads trying to catch their own thoughts. Not dead in the eyes, but focussed elsewhere. So many times, I have someone curve towards me in an intersection talking on a cell phone, throwing his or her voice back over the shoulder at children in the backseat and making a mental list of how many events into the future the person should be at the moment. There is nothing in their eyes because there is too much static in their brains.

The ultimate horror of a consumer society is that we begin to see others as items to be consumed and finally it is our very being which is immolated.... self-combustion. Only a pile of ashes in the shape of a person.

You touch not
while you steer
but wheel around
every moment
like a stitched up monster
a Frankensteined techno-operator.
You are texting for contact.
Your eyes are gone
to some future
while everything
that matters
goes past.

It used to only be the Jones that had to be eyed hostily for clues as to where to drive ourselves but now it is planetwide. We can make invidiuous comparisons universally. I think we still make the same number of decisions based on a disconnect from the mothership..... the culture that spawned us. Step back for clear mind. Move on way, way back. Perspective. With seeing eyes and put the damn phone down.