Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Weather: Should we discuss it?

It is unusually winterish. Snow, slush, sliding ice
To find our place on the street, tires lost in the ruts.

We are
awash in wind,
the rain coats mountain-sides formed from
dug up spaces where the vehicles hide , waving antenna
saying "I am here."

And everyone, my neighbor on a shovel
those who phone into the hunched over houses
everyone wants to talk about the weather.

"At least it isn't:
-50 below
one hundred kilometer an hour winds
snowing 30 centimeters tonight
raining 10 centimeters just today
washing the roads away
collapsing our homes under the weight of winter."

See, there is a sunny side of the street.
I think it is called Spring.

Weather takes our breath away
in amazement
and conversation.


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