Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tulips are paint brushes

Out front, dripping in yellow, red and saturated pinks, the tulips are closed to the early morning sky. Soon as the sun grows more intense they will unfold. Yesterday I tried to capture the highlighter yellow spider fat with prodigy clinging to the side of an orange-red tulip. The burn of the full flow red against the lawn in the evening is almost hallucinatory as the eye tries to take in both colors. It seems to be nature's reward for surviving the gray winter. It is a promise of the rewards coming for keeping on with keeping on.

High rises push up... the value of land. But nothing can increase the value of a garden wild with color, shapes, smells. Hedging in these cultivated small installations only emphasizes their worth.
There is always an element of discovery in gardening.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

mettle music muse

While the kitty litter waits, the list is growing for to do to dum, dum, dum the heart beat. The sun threatens to flood the room with the brightness we have been waiting for. I stopped to try to drop Bush's brain into his skull, an on line game a friend sent. How about my own brain... if I can just get all coordinated...

The controversy about the St. Paul's drug house, I have know since it first started will eventually result in the wet, oh how wet can you go, facility being shunted down into my neighbourhood. Immigrants founded this area and now it is "starter and finish them off" homes for the working, lower class to live. Either too old, too uneducated, too confused, or just too damn busy trying to survive to speak out and stop incursions. It is inevitable that high rises will stack up against the Knox Mountain and the lake shore. The occasional rich.... those who live in Kelowna only occasionally will inhabit physically but not emotionally. Meanwhile on my street, we all care for our lawns and our families, talk over the fences and hope for a future.

But the sun.... it threatens to burn away even dark thoughts today.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The concept of "Busy" did not exist 100 years ago, I have read. "Busy" mind static, noise, lists, collapsed time, longer lives, longer lists. Status this static to see how we consumer ourselves by being consumers even of time. A concept of our time. I wonder.... at it. I see the net I am caught up in. How beautiful the strands in this mornings' spring light. Oh, look it is already 8:17. I have to get going. So much to do.

My husband said we could fill out the Five Steps to Becoming a Millionaire financial sheet accurately if we knew the day we would die. He is right. I love that he is as strange as my mind. I don't mind.