Thursday, November 12, 2009

Canadian Artist: The Creative Dance

I tuned into a seminar by Sonia Choquette an intuitive and teacher tonight and felt like I had been to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. Not so afraid to smile. Starting over all fresh and sparkling. She reminded me that as she said, "Spiritual is not the goal, Be spirited." When one's body feels tight and contracted then the ego is at its strongest. The ego animal is a creature that shuts down imagination and growth.

Because I feel happy singing outloud and painting, I feel at peace. Expansion of my energy, my outlook is important as I explore.

Lately I have been making inspirational door stops and so enjoy the tiny brush strokes as I explore decorative designs. Infusing the door stop with energy is what I believe I am doing. As I lift acrylic paint onto a tiny, pointed brush and work on lines and swirls, my sense of anxiety about life.... about how everything will turn out, goes away.

We, in North American live in a state of wanting to see the results of time rather than floating in it. I heard on the CBC Ideas program several weeks ago that the many language groups of the Aborigines in Australia have no words for time that divide it into segments. There is no past, or future. We are. It is.

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